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Coil Springs : Getting the Correct Ride Height
I've never seen anyone document a first gen Bird and exactly how coil spring swaps make your car look before and after, so maybe this will help someone.
Problem: The stock replacement springs make the front of the car sit a little too high. After 4 years of waiting for them to "settle out", they never came down.
Attempt #1: Hotchkis 2" Drop Springs

Result #1: This lowered the car a bit too much with my 17x7 rims with 4.5" backspacing. I could barely even get a finger between the tires and inner fender well. Looked mean as hell, though.
No picture. Attempt #2: Cut Stock Replacement Spring

Result #2: The stock replacement spring was 11 coils, and the Hotchkis was 8 coils. The stock spring was also about 5 inches taller uncompressed. So I figured I could cut 1 coil from the stock spring and be safe. WRONG!!! This lowered the car 2", not the 1" I was expecting. Too low again!
Attempt #3: Global West 1" Drop Springs

Result #3: Wow, it looks really good!!! Perfect ride height and good ride quality. The Global West springs have a higher spring rate than stock, so the suspension is a bit stiffer, but still comfortable. This is way I wanted my car to look a long time ago.