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Restoration : Vintage Air
Vintage Air
I installed a Compac Bracket from Detriot Speed & Engineering to hold the Vintage Air unit up under my dash. It offers a better support structure than the normal firewall bracket that is included with the Vintage Air kit.
In this picture you can see the rest of the Compac Bracket along the top of the firewall (covered in two layers of eDead). On the right you can see the inline firewall bulkhead fitting for the A/C and heater core lines. The placement of this bulkhead fitting is very important to insure a correct fit with the Vintage Air unit.
This is a picture of the Vintage Air unit looking through the glove box opening. It really doesn't represent just how tight it is in there. Near the top are the two pressurized A/C lines, and just below that are the two rubber heater hose lines. Running around this are all the electrical lines, and finally mix all the A/C ducts. Fun, fun!
Here is a picture from the floor looking up at the Vintage Air unit. On the right, you see the bulkhead fitting with the two pressurized A/C lines on the top and the two rubber heater core lines on the bottom. Also notice the drain line that comes out of the bottom of the unit and through a hole drilled in the floor.
Here is a zoomed in picture of just the bulkhead fitting and hoses.
I removed the old blower motor since it was not needed. In it's place I installed a metal plate and ran power wires through it. To the right you can see the outside of the firewall bulkhead fitting and the edge of the inner fender well. There are two 90° fittings on bottom for the heater, and two 45° fittings on top for the A/C.
Vintage Air manufactures a special bracket for use on classic Pontiac motors when using the newer compressors. The bracket is of excellent quality and was a breeze to install. On the left of the compressor, you see the two A/C fittings, one running to the firewall, and the other to the condensor on the front of the car.
I mounted the condensor on the front-center of the radiator support. Just to the passenger side of the condensor, I mounted the dryer and installed an optional binary switch. The switch is a recommended optional feature that stops your compressor if your R-134a pressure drops too low or raises too high.