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Restoration: Exhaust
  • Flowmaster 50-Series mufflers
  • 4-tube ceramic coated headers (w/ added ball-and-socket collectors)
  • 2.5" X-Pipe Dual Exhaust System
    • Started off as a Pypes X-Pipe Dual Exhaust System before being heavily modified
    • All mandrel-bent tubing
    • Custom fit to give maxiumum ground clearance and use larger Flowmaster mufflers
    • Completely welded
    • Painted with 1200 degree high-temp paint
The exhuast installed on the car was a fairly new 2.5" dual X-pipe system from Pypes. Unfortunately, it was installed too quickly. Not enough care was taken to tuck the exhaust close to the body. So, off the system had to come off for refitting. I was also not a big fan of the Dynomax mufflers that were on the car, so a change to a set of Flowmaster 50 Series mufflers was also part of project. Finally, the newly altered exhaust system would be completed with a brand new set of splitter tips.
I'm not sure if this is the correct use for a wheelbarrow...
Here is a picture of the headers that came on the car when I bought it. Fortunately they are already ceramic coated, but they were dirty with some oil stains and they had the old-style 3 bolt flange collectors.
I decided that if I was going to have to re-do the exhaust system to tuck it up more, I might as well spend a few dollars more and put a set of ball-and-socket collectors on the headers. I purchased the Flowmaster conversion kit from Summit, and welded the new ends on the headers. Then I polished up the headers with some 00 steel wool.
Here is a closer picture of the new ball-and-socket collector. Total time to cut off the old collectors and weld in the new collectors was about an hour.
I spent many hours refitting the exhaust system CORRECTLY. I started by placing the new Flowmaster mufflers underneath the car on jackstands in the position I wanted them in, about 1 inch from the floorpans, and then used the existing tubes to build forward to the headers. But, the Flowmaster mufflers were over 3" longer than the Pypes mufflers this kit was originally designed for, and they were also offset about 1" different than the Pypes mufflers. So I had to modify the length and width of the X-pipe section to compensate for these differing measurements.
After fitting the new X-pipe in place to match the positioning of the Flowmaster mufflers, I connected the system up to the headers. After fitting everthing under the car with tack welds, I took it out, and welded everything completely. I also drilled a hole and welded in an oxygen sensor bung 4" behind the collector on the driver's side. I have dream of running fuel injection on this car, and I put this oxygen sensor bung in just in case I do later on. Two coats of silver high-temp paint and it was ready to go.